Saturday, 21 January 2012


I have been to Trattoria many times for dinner, and decided on a sunny afternoon to enjoy a filling Italian lunch and then walk off the carbs by shopping in 4th avenue boutiques. 

Glowbal group never ceases to surprise me with delicious pieces. Their motto is "Every Neighborhood Needs a Trattoria". I agree, at the end of the day Trattoria is a glamorous, chic and upscale restaurant. The hip chandeliers and modern mirrored decor is the perfect counterpart for traditional italia pasta.

  Miss Dimplings and I ordered:
Beef Carpaccio - gorgonzola polenta, cipollini onion
Lasagna - kobe beef, ricotta, spinach, fresh herbs

FOOD |  For two constantly-on-a-diet-yet-food-lover gals, an appie and an entree is rather filling already. Plus, the portions are on the big side. I think we ordered the most popular and universal items on the entire menu. The both of us always order Beef Carpaccio whenever it is on the menu, always. The presentation of the dish, lacked some delicacy, it looked "thrown together" with some toppings and drizzle... Nonetheless, the portion was large and I was certainly not disappointed in the taste. Miss Dimply and I fought for the last bite. I will definitely order this again.
The Lasagna was pleasant, well around average. To be honest, a mixture of stringy, rich cheese, fresh tomato, imported kobe beef, and all that good stuff - it sounds like a delight already, but this was a tad heavy on the salt. Just a tad too flavourful for my liking. Nothing to complain about though. 

Oh, and P.S. I love the cute messages on their placemat. It teaches you how to speak italian!

I cannot constructively praise nor critique Trattoria. Trattoria is a affordable Italian kitchen with a young, light, modern attraction. The food is more often average than amazing - but still delicious. I had no problems with seating since it was an odd weekday 2pm lunch. But I have heard about an experienced terrible lineups and waiting frustrations all because they refuse to take reservations. Refusing to take reservations guarantee consistent and full business, but if having to wait over an hour for a seat is the extra price customers have to pay on top of their pasta, I am not surprised consumers will choose other restaurants. There are so many more choices on 4th street.
Overall, I am pleased with the quality of food and service, but I cannot say Trattoria is a place for fine food, but it is always a relaxed an comfortable dining experience.

1850 W 4th Avenue
Vancouver, B
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