Thursday, 23 August 2012


My new series of the Cafe Hop. I have been enjoying the sunshine lately and have been in search of some food coffee and tea places. Join me to on a Cafe Hop around Vancouver. 

I walked into the Revolver and asked for a Caramel Machiato. The barista gave me a smile and said "we do not have any syrups, we only have different types of coffee beans".
I knew I was in the right place to search for a master cup of coffee despite my embarrassment.

The barista offered me a cappuccino, asking me what type of beans I would like. Finally realizing my ignorance towards coffee, I chatted for a while and I settled for the coffee bean that had a hint of chocolate. 

Enjoy the rustic decor with me. I love the brick wall, the map of the world in nails, and even the long lamp hanging over each booth. You would have forgotten you were home and thought you were on vacation somewhere. I love the minimalism and the concept. 


325 Cambie Street
Revolver on Urbanspoon

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