Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Suvai is a sweet and cozy restaurant, with a sidewalk patio decorated with garden benches and flowers. As we sat on the side-walk patio, covered under an arch of leaves and blossoms, I temporarily lost myself and thought I was in some place outside Vancouver - probably in Paris or Nice. I can absolutely picture this local and home-ran bistro to be sitting exactly off the streets of France and Montreal.

AMBIANCE | I love local bistros with small wooden tables, white table cloths and shiny silverware. Though it sounds like I am describing a majority of restaurants, Suvai has its own cozy flavour. I shall let the pictures speak its volumes. 
While I has having brunch, next to us sat an older couple, each drinking their orange juice and having a great time. As kill-joy as I was, I was actually playing on my iPad and eating my omlette and the same time. I was promptly interrupted by the older couple, and we actually engaged in a warm conversation as the older gentleman was thinking of purchasing a tablet and wanted to know our feedback! Vancouver is certainly a friendly city, but the atmosphere of Suvai certainly sets up an even more warm and neighborhood enviroment.

FOOD | I have nothing much to rave about the food here at Suvai. The omlette and eggs Benny were of the expected. Portion size was decent. I say the atmosphere certainly increased the food presentation, as the warm feeling of Suvai certainly adds happiness and enjoyment to the meal. 
I have heard that dinner prices at Suvai are leaning rather high, but brunch for $10-18 sounds reasonable to me.  I say, the next time you decide to go for brunch at good old chain Boathouse again, why not give local Suvai a try? The price ranges are similiar, and Suvai's atmosphere is a worth a visit on its own.

We ordered:
Bacon Eggs Benedict
Omlette and Toast
Side of Sausages
2 glasses of Orange Juice 

2279 West 41st Vancouver
V6M 4L3
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