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This is the BEST date restaurant I can recommend. Here's why:

- I love the surprise factor. 
The drive up the mountain to West Van is a tedious, but filled with anticipatory. As we drove through the residential area, where each street seems to look exactly the same - trees and mansions on both sides, I was starting to get worried that we might have gotten lost. Then in the middle of nowhere, the restaurant stands.

- The INCREDIBLE view.
When the ocean, the Stanley Park, the Lions Gate Bridge, heck, the entire Vancouver is celebrating the meal with you, I cannot ask for more. A rather bittersweet moment for me actually, our day turned out to be a thunderstorm. We lost what could have been a gorgeous sunset, but we gained a chance of a lifetime while the lightening flashed across the sky.

- The classy yet not-intimidating ambiance.
Fraiche is exactly the type of restaurant, that is simple but elegant. Fine decor, not empowering or over the top. Feels very down to earth with a mix of class. (Though for the price, no, it is certainly not down to earth). But Fraiche creates a great ambiance for bonding and chatting. The servers are impeccable.

FOOD | The food at Fraiche is what I call art from inside out. I mentioned in my last post how some restaurants seem to focus more on the presentation while sacrificing the quality of the food. Fraiche brings in the perfect balance. The food is interestingly paired. While there are lots of interesting ingredients, all ingrediants work its part, nothing more, nothing less.

Apologies I had such a wonderful time I have completely forgotten the names of the dishes, the online menu does not include the "Chef's Creations" that we ordered. 

2240 Chippendale Rd.
West Vancouver BC
V7S 3J2
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