Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Walking in the cafe, I was surprised - for I was not particularly a fan of the decor in Bel Cafe. The cafe centered its decor around a modern, stainless steel and casual chic vibe, but I found the cafe to be rather disoriented. My friends really enjoyed the young decor, but I stand to argue that the cafe was cramped and rushing, it felt more like a pop and drop by cafe rather than a tea and macarons high society cafe. The area by the display of cakes and desserts was camped with a 2 meter wall (see lower picture for an idea). I like taking my time choosing cakes, reading labels and looking around, but I didn't get the luxury this time around. 
With such beautiful cakes, they should have designed a nice open area for the customers to gaze at the display in awe!

That said, the cakes were amazing. I tend to order lemon tarts or dark chocolate all the time, because white chocolate tends to dry out my throat (first world problem haha). But my two friends ordered the:

White Chocolate, Kalamanzi, Coconut Dessert
Raspberry Chocolate..... cake of some sort (pardon my memory, I believe this cake is seasonal)

Both chocolates were milled to perfection - not sweet but just a perfect creamy, milky texture. Presentation is simple and crafted. I think these cakes are better than some of the previous cafes I have been to because of the controlled level of sugar. The cakes were only subtly sweet, the focus was on the coconut detail or hints of raspberry. Even more so, I haven't tasted such light, creamy and frothy chocolate in a long time, I only have good things to say about Bel Cafe's cakes. 

In all, I cannot say I would come to Bel Cafe to catch up with a friend for hours and hours. This small cafe afterall, is located on a very busy corner of downtown Vancouver. But I would definitely come to order a few cakes as take out for home get togethers - I would not hesitate at all on the taste and presentation of Bel Cafe's dessert menu. 

801 West Georgia Street
Vancouver BC
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