Monday, 19 November 2012


 I try not to compare restaurants. Each restaurant should possess its own style and character as I am sure no chef would like to be compared to another based solely on nothing more than my own personal preference and taste bud mood swings. 

That said, because I found many similarities in the types of dishes Nook and Italian Kitchen (of Glowbal Group) had to offer, I decided to do two posts, as best as I can, to describe similar things of the two restaurants. I hope my comments offer you some help.

AMBIANCE | Nook is very cozy. It is, at best, one-third the size of Italian Kitchen. Nook unfortunately, does not take reservations. As they are so petite inside, there is almost always a lineup. They write your name on a chalkboard close to the door and you wait outside. If you are taking someone on a first date here.... well, its a hit or miss. You can chat while you wait, gambling whether or not the weather is cold haha. Nook is dimly lit, and there are only two waitresses. I can't say the service is at its best, but certainly good for the few hands they have. But the overall mood of Nook is very authentic and simple. The stone oven is visible, and the staff is friendly, I prefer it over Italian Kitchen's modern and cookie-cutter decor - the standard mirrors with hints of black and white - seems sort of distant to me, but then again, its my preference. 

We ordered - Party of 4
Daily special Antipasto (its always the same one with prosciutto)
Pizza Prosciutto - Arugula and roasted garlic
Daily special pizza - Pesto
Panna Cotta Dessert

FOOD |Antipasto - the best in Vancouver. Lot of prosciutto, lots of cheese, fine tuned with hints of pepper and olive oil ontop of a crispy warm toast. I cannot leave Nook without eating this dish. It is a Godsent. If you enjoy Italian and enjoy prosciutto, this dish must be ordered. I prefer Nook over Italian Kitchen.

Pizza Prosciutto - I always order the antipasto and this pizza. I have been here many times, we almost always order the same thing. This pizza, is completely and utterly covered in prosciutto. Hints of garlic really bring out the flavor of the salted ham. The use of prosciutto from the antipasto and this pizza may be the same, but the flavour is brought out different. In the antipasto, the prosciutto was sweet and light, casted with olive oil and pepper. The garlic in the pizza really brought out another side to this ham. I prefer Nook over Italian Kitchen.

Pizza Pesto - I have not been a fan of pesto since the last time I had it a year ago at a random restaurant that spoiled the sauce with too much salt. Nook's pesto however, is a perfect blend with the pizza. The flavour between the Pizza Prosciutto and Pizza Pesto are so different they work as a great compliment to each other. I place the Proscuitto pizza before the Pesto, but if you are here with a large party, I recommend both.

Tiramisu - One of the most authentic tiramisu's I have ever tried. The cake is cut to expose the perfect layers of Lady Fingers, and soaked in the right amount of alcohol. Again, this dessert must also be ordered.

Panna Cotta - Not bad. The taste is light and fresh. Not as filling as the Tiramisu - which technically makes it the better choice for dessert.

781 Denman Street, Vancouver
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